Business Introduction

Introduction of the Subcommittees

Technology and Deployment Subcommittee

 This subcommittee will hold seminars/exhibitions several times a year, as well as lectures by nanocellulose researchers, to promote the technology and dissemination of nanocellulose.
 We are planning to hold a seminar/exhibition within the fiscal year 2020.

Nanocellulose Commercialization Subcommittee

 This Subcommittee will promote business matching and commercialization by providing opportunities for exchange among companies through exhibitions and in cooperation with regional consortia and public testing and research institutions. In addition, the IP (Intellectual Property) Strategy Working Group will promote commercialization by organizing the concept of IP strategy for nanocellulose and raising awareness of intellectual property among members.

Standardization Subcommittee

 The Standardization Subcommittee, which succeeds the activities related to Intellectual Property and Standardization Strategy Subcommittee in the Nanocellulose Forum, promotes activities related to international standardization in cooperation with industry, government, and academia. Specifically, this sub-committee is responsible for studying and proposing a draft international standard on iCNF (individualized CNF) characteristics to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), preparing Japan’s response to the proposal of an international standard on nanocellulose from abroad and submitting it to the National Mirror Committee, considering and planning a new international standard proposal from Japan, and carrying out other relevant activities. In addition, as appropriate, working groups will be established within the subcommittee for intensive discussions.